Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Wild Acorns Media. Last time, we talked a little bit about our company and how we use our expertise in videography and photography to portray people’s stories in a way that’s impactful and meaningful to its viewers. This time, we’re going to go into a little more detail about our blogs and what topics you can expect us to cover in the future.


As you’re already aware, Wild Acorns Media is all about telling your story in a compelling way through the power of visual media. But stories haven’t always been told this way. Just several hundred years ago, storytelling was mostly done by word of mouth, books, or art. Although this worked well at the time, we live in a much more connected world now that requires a much more efficient and effective way of telling stories that isn’t limited by our imagination. Sure, imagination is great! But when it comes to visual communication, there’s never a miscommunication as to what you want your story to instill in its audience. Filming techniques, sound, and editing can all be used in combination to show audiences exactly what you want them to experience.

In our blog, we’d like to explore the idea of storytelling throughout history and how you can take advantage of it to tell a message or promote your business.


We would be remiss to not mention technology when talking about videography and photography. It would not be possible for us to tell stories in the way that we do without the advanced technology we have available to us. And it’s not just about the hardware we use to physically film or photograph a subject, it also has to do with the way technology has allowed us to share media.

For example, think about the way the internet has impacted the way we share media. If you want your friend to see a video or a picture, you can instantly share it via social media or send them a link to a website. This has completely changed the landscape for videography introducing things like GIFs, walkthroughs, and more. Although this may not seem like a big deal now, it has entirely changed the way we communicate and see information. As our interests change, so too does the way we tell stories, and videography is dynamic enough to change with it.


Do you have a story to tell, but don’t know exactly how to do it? Videography and photography are not quite as simple as just setting a camera down and filming everything that’s happening. These two forms of art imply a little more finesse and understanding when it goes into creating a complete product that actually has an impact on its audience.

Although simply filming your actions tells a story of itself, it’s not necessarily the story you want to tell. A professional cinematographer will employ techniques while filming and during post-production that will cause the video to have the emotional impact that you intended. Imagine, for example, that you want to make a documentary about your mountain biking adventures. Although your story will remain mostly the same no matter what filming techniques you use, it’s the way you want the story to be perceived by viewers that changes. Want your video to portray the intensity and difficulty of mountain biking? You’re going to want a lot more close-up shots with quick transitions. Want to portray the beauty of the area you mountain biked in? You’ll want a lot more long shots, maybe with some awesome drone footage. There really are an infinite amount of possibilities. A professional videographer will understand how you want your story to be told and use these techniques to put it all into one package.

In our blogs, we’ll talk about some of these techniques so that you have a better idea of what you want once it comes to speak with your videographer.

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