We are dreamers, wanderlusters, storytellers, visual artists, adventurers and parents. We’re just a guy and girl making up the rules as we go and trying in our own small ways live life on our terms.

After earning a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis on Photography Louisa found her way to Backpacker Magazine where she’s the Assistant Photo Editor, and has been compared to “a stick of dynamite ready to go off at any moment.” When she’s not at the office or behind a camera you can usually find her at home obsessing over her latest Pinterest DIY project.

Jesse moved to Colorado for the mountains and climbing, and has never been one to sit at a desk working for the man (or woman). Over the past 9 years he’s done it all: producing, shooting, and editing projects for individuals, businesses big & small, bands, documentaries, and magazines.  When he’s not killing it on a video shoot you can usually find Jesse at a brewery as long as Game of Thrones isn’t on.

What we’re about:

Producing radical media, family, pushing the limits, burratta, Upslope Citra Pale Ale, The Punch Brothers, Settlers of Catan, baking fresh bread, whales, and striving to be the best damn photo/video couple on the planet.

Sofia, age 4, and Max, age 3 are our Wild Acorns teaching us daily to see the world in a whole new way. We don’t scale the walls or tag the summits of our youth, but life is a bigger adventure than ever before.